At the Ellis Recruitment Group, our greatest assets are our people. We are continually helping our team grow and reach their full potential. Training shouldn’t just be for new starters.

During 2020 and the first lockdown, a number of the Ellis Recruitment Group team either completed or started training programs enhancing their professional skills, helping us grow as a Group. At the start of the first lockdown, several of our team started their NVQ Level 4 and 5 Apprenticeship in Recruitment. Combined with their training and based on recent feedback from their internal and external Trainers, the team should achieve either merit or distinction grades, a phenomenal achievement.

Internally the Ellis Recruitment Group team has remarked that their confidence has significantly increased and they have learnt new technical skills. The external trainer has been impressed at the level of competence and thorough understanding displayed from all of the Ellis Recruitment Group team. Below is feedback from some of our team who have completed or taken part in various training programs, funded by the Ellis Recruitment Group.

The Ellis Recruitment Group have invested time in helping me improve my knowledge within my current sector of recruitment. During the first lockdown, we spent many months training relevant skills and knowledge I can put to use to this day. The Ellis Recruitment Group also put me on an NVQ for Recruitment to help me build my career. I originally came from a hospitality background where sales and customer service is natural. Recruitment has very similar skills but certainly a very challenging profession.

The training course I attended was very detailed, competitive and enjoyable. It helped me improve my knowledge exponentially, and I was competing against some employees in the company who have been here much longer. The workload was easy to work around and worthwhile. We had a very experienced trainer and learnt a considerable amount from him. Now I am busier with work; the course helps when working with clients and candidates.

I wouldn't be able to do my job right now without the training I have received. It certainly has taught me a lot and equally a lot more to learn.

As a member of the support team, my knowledge of both the recruitment and technology industry was limited. I found the course to be super beneficial as it filled in all the gaps missing between what I did and didn't know which has enabled me to be a more versatile member of the Ellis Recruitment Group team. It was evident from the knowledge of the trainer that he had a hugely diverse amount of experience in the industry and he made the sessions, fun, impactful and aimed at the skills we needed to improve on.

When I joined the Ellis Recruitment Group, as a recent "Returner," I had already identified an area where I wanted to develop within myself. I asked if I could complete an Advanced Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing, and I was thrilled that they supported me with this. The program was intense, and there was a lot of juggling between work, the program and being a single parent, but with the full support of the Ellis Recruitment Group management team, I managed to complete the course at the start of 2020 with Distinction. The Ellis Recruitment Group support their team and give us the tools to grow personally and professionally, something that is often missing within our industry.

If you are an individual who wants to develop an exciting and productive career in recruitment, then give yourself the best chance by joining the most successful team to foster your personal goals.

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